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Merle Nygate Script Editor

Lucy Lumsden - Former Controller Comedy Commissioning BBC, current Head of Comedy, Sky

"Merle was my secret weapon for six years as reader of all the comedy scripts we received. She was insightful, thorough and speedy, trustworthy and really enjoyed the privilege of reading the work of some of this country's biggest and best comedy writers. My secret weapon is no longer secret, she's a terrific writer and script editor who is now building an exciting body of work which I will relish seeing hit the screen."

Patrick Reams - Director, writer & producer

"Everybody was very happy with the episodes I wrote and Merle script edited. They said it was all down to the scripts - never a truer word on this one. Amazing what a good writer and great script editor can achieve."

Tilman Remme - Director, writer, producer

"Merle is a wonderful human being and a total pleasure to work with. Fast, efficient, hugely creative, inspiring and a brilliant writer all round."

Andrew Bampfield - Writer, Versailles

"I have had the pleasure of working with Merle on several projects (including the BBC1 telefilm Blackbeard starring James Purefoy). In my experience she has all the right qualities for the perfect script editor - soundness of judgement and essential knowledge of the audience's needs, combined with an analytical rigour and artistic sensibility. Re-writing has never been so much fun. If the chance of working with her in the future arose, I would seize it and strong recommend other to do likewise."

Richard Kurti & Bev Doyle

"Script editing is a tough job becasue you're always getting caught in the crossfire. But Merle knows when to fight for something important and what to avoid getting hung up on. She combines sharp observation with imaginative suggestions and masses of stoic pragmatism, and she's also great fun to work with.
An easy person to take a hard note from!"

Huw Kennair-Jones - Executive Producer, Going Postal

"Merle's contribution was invaluable and her notes were always pertinent. Her part in the success of the piece was vital."

Iain Meadows, Writer, Producer, Director, Hood: Noble Secrets

I knew that if I was to get my script into shape, I needed a script editor. That journey that took me from someone who didn't know his characters or how to structure a scene, to a writer whose script was nominated in the BBC Audio Awards 2014. None of that would have been possible, were it not for Merle.

Vadim Jean - Executive Producer, Going Postal

"Merle's script notes for us on our adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Going Postal were always first class, delivered on time, and impervious to dog bites! With fantastic attention to detail she was a terrific part of our development team."